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Who are we?

We are a team of map developers for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. We strive to create maps of the highest quality with an unusual approach!

Our projects

Now we are working on a map with a lot of mini-games - XYZ MINI GAMES. At the moment, this is the most popular project.

Our old names

We used to be called [russian: майнкрафтер икс игрек зет], but now we are called Axis Cube [russsian: Аксис куб]!

Project members:

Axisander (AlexPro756)


olecssandr YT

Founder and engineer of command blocks

Other members

Map Features:

icon - /uploads/s/b/9/j/b9jkeanqraxv/img/full_DfqpRKIu.png

Lots of mini-games

More than 17+30 mini-games on one map! You no longer need to re-join worlds with separate games.
icon - /uploads/s/b/9/j/b9jkeanqraxv/img/full_GQyX1IhK.png

Maintaining statistics

Is it very important to you how many players played or how many times they were eaten by an evil chicken? You can see the statistics!
icon - /uploads/s/b/9/j/b9jkeanqraxv/img/full_pJBxmjiy.png

Rights Settings

You can choose who can start, finish and customize the games! Everyone or just you?
icon - /uploads/s/b/9/j/b9jkeanqraxv/img/full_r9J3gKBo.png

Own arenas

There are many good builders in our team. We have a lot of ideas.
icon - /uploads/s/b/9/j/b9jkeanqraxv/img/full_j6yYW3pF.png

Multi-language support

The map is also translated into English and Ukrainian! Now the main language of the map is Russian. You can also help us with translation into other languages! The language of the map is synchronized with the language selected in Minecraft, if a language is selected into which the map is not translated, it will be English
icon - /uploads/s/b/9/j/b9jkeanqraxv/img/full_pOrFZTC2.png

There is a currency - emerald

For each victory you get emeralds. They can be spent on cosmetic settings.
icon - /uploads/s/b/9/j/b9jkeanqraxv/img/full_G7pSru5I.png

RP and BPacks

A resource pack and an addon are additionally attached to the map, thanks to it the map works very well!
icon - /uploads/s/b/9/j/b9jkeanqraxv/img/full_5sck7hzu.png

You are important to us!

We listen to you, report bugs, ideas and shortcomings to us!
icon - /uploads/s/b/9/j/b9jkeanqraxv/img/full_DfqpRKIu.png

Here are some of the mini-games:


grab the flag of the enemy team and take it to your own, as soon as you get 3 flags you will win. But take care of your flag too!

Evil chicken

Collect coins, as soon as you collect 10 coins, you will win! But beware of the angry chicken!
icon - /uploads/s/b/9/j/b9jkeanqraxv/img/full_JPhFmbEA.png
icon - /uploads/s/b/9/j/b9jkeanqraxv/img/full_kZPEQjb1.png


Pass the field without stepping on a mine

Floor is lava

Blocks eventually turn into lava, the winner is the last survivor!
And this is only a small part!
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